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    Medical and Hi-Tech

    In the medical instrumentation and high tech industry, you have to be precise, because everything that you do finally affects human life.

    Medical instruments usually require small, precise, fragile and very high quality parts.

    It is no great feat to manufacture; the trick is to come up with the quickest, most cost-effective and most precise method to achieve your objective.

    There are many challenges and requirements in the medical industry, from individual parts to complete mechanical and electronic systems, which we manufacture at Ofek.

    Ofek currently provides a complete medical instrumentation system that consists of hundreds of different parts, including bearings and fasteners.

    Together these form a comprehensive assembly that is furnished to the customer and used by the end consumer.

    Your small, precision components can be manufactured in bulk, with maximum precision and finish, at our company.

    We have purchased the latest CNC technologies, with automatic turning and milling, allowing us to comply with the highest demands in the market and turn part-making into an Art form.

    The company is authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel for the ISO13485 standard.

    Our skilled, experienced medical instrumentation and high tech team provides engineering consultation at all times and is at your disposal throughout the process.

    The quality control process and process inspection constitute a condition for complying with precise demands throughout the process. The parts are tested on automatic X, Y Z measurement machines, reports are computerized, and each stage in the process is monitored and managed by an ERP manufacturing management system.

    Our manufacturing abilities, extensive knowledge, and experience in the field of manufacturing and assembly provide us with many advantages:

    • Correct management of planning production and the supply chain.
    •  Shortening of manufacturing processes.
    •  Compliance with quality requirements.
    •  Control and supervision throughout the process.
    •  Management, control and streamlining in production stages.

    Today Ofek manufactures medical equipment, medical parts, implants, prostheses, surgical tools, connectors and cases.

    Machines and medical instrumentation of up to a meter in size are manufactured using the full turnkey method.

    We partner with major high-tech companies in Israel and manufacture parts for them directly for the assembly line.

    The responsibility, knowledge and professionalism that we have acquired over the years commit us to the success of your project.

    The next cutting-edge component for your medical instrumentation awaits at Ofek Metal Machining.

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